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Natural senna

About Senna

From Natural Senna to Senokot® Tablets
Senokot® Tablets use natural senna because the senna plant has been used throughout history for gently managing constipation.

What is senna?

Senna is a plant that’s been grown and harvested as a natural laxative for over 3,500 years.
In modern times, the laxative effects of the senna plant have been identified as sennosides.

How does senna work?

The senna used in Senokot® is the deseeded and dried pods of the Cassia Acutifolia Delile otherwise known as the Alexandrian senna.

To ensure a standardized dose and consistent potency in every tablet, we only use the deseeded pods of the senna plant ground up into a fine standardized powder.

The sennosides (or senna glycosides) found within the senna plant stimulate a series of comfortable wave-like contractions called peristalsis to help encourage bowel movements and ease constipation.