How Natural Senna Becomes Senokot® Tablets

Step 01.

Senna plant

Senna is a plant that's been grown and harvested as a natural laxative for over 3,500 years. In modern times, the laxative effects of the senna plant have been identified as sennosides.

Step 02.

Harvest & selection

We harvest the senna plant at maturity and remove the seeds, stems and leaves.

Step 03.

Pods get selected

The senna used in Senokot® is the deseeded and dried pods of the Cassia Acutifolia Delile otherwise known as the Alexandrian senna.

Step 04.

Grinding the pods

To ensure a standardized dose and consistent potency in every tablet, we only use the deseeded pods of the senna plant ground up into a fine standardized powder.

Step 05.

Creating the Senokot® tablet

A high-speed computerized tablet press is then used to monitor the weight, ensuring that each Senokot® Tablet is produced according to specifications.

Step 06.

The best standards

Senokot® Tablets are quality-controlled to confirm potency, moisture levels, tablet hardness and additional chemical/physical characteristics.

Step 07.

Packaging and delivery to market

Once Senokot® Tablets pass quality assurance, they are packaged and delivered.

A guide to help your discussion with your doctor

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