Additional Information To Help Understand, Avoid & Manage Constipation

Constipation can affect many people at some point during their lives–from 12% to 19% of individuals in North America.

In one study, 27% of Canadians surveyed reported experiencing constipation in the last three months. It can affect people of all ages. However, some people are more likely to report constipation than others, including those who are older, women in late pregnancy, travellers, people taking certain medications, or those who may have had abdominal surgery.

Constipation tends to be more commonly reported by women than men, and more likely to occur in the elderly. In most cases, constipation is not serious and is considered temporary. There are many causes of constipation.

Some common causes of constipation include: poor dietary habits, such as low intake of dietary fibre or an inadequate fluid intake, lack of exercise, and certain medications.

If non-medicinal measures do not help your constipation, over-the-counter products like Senokot® Tablets or Senokot®•S Tablets with stool softener may be helpful choices.

Talk to a healthcare professional if symptoms of constipation occur. For more information about managing constipation, read our top 10 FAQs or review the additional links below:

Where Can I Buy Senokot® Products?

The Senokot® Family of Laxatives can be found in many popular and convenient stores across Canada including:

  • Canada Safeway
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  • Guardian

A guide to help your discussion with your doctor

Click here to download this doctor discussion guide (PDF) (Opens in a new window) to take to your next healthcare professional appointment to guide your conversation about constipation.

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